As with most of us, the magic of Christmas began when Bill was a small child at home with his mom, brother and sister. Although his mom and brother are now passed, it’s important to Bill that his family Christmas traditions are carried out year after year. And a large part of this tradition is “Santa”. Bill’s mom, Pearl, put Bill on this inevitable path when she placed a Santa pillow in his crib all those years ago. Hmmm, Mother’s intuition maybe?

Bill began portraying Santa in 1991 when he donned the red suit for a public appearance event with The Red Mile and WKQQ-FM in Lexington, Kentucky. “From that day forward, the spirit of Santa has lived in my heart” says Bill. We all have a child within us and there’s no greater joy than seeing a smile on a young or “older” child’s face.


Bill is the Vice President of the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas, Big Blue Santa for the University of Kentucky, Santa for Kentucky Studios, Mark Kidd Studios and is the official Santa for the city of Georgetown, Kentucky and has had the distinct honor of participating in the official Santa Claus Oath.